Description: Audience involvement promotes learning. Explore tips and best practices for successfully igniting curiosity, promoting interaction, and engaging adult learners regardless of delivery platform: face-to-face, online, or blended. Discover how to effectively transform existing training into a different platform.

  • Paul Signorelli, Writer, Trainer, Presenter, Learning Advocate, and Consultant
  • Sharon Morris, Director of Library Development and Innovation, Colorado State Library

This was such an exciting and engaging session. Both presenters are consummate professional trainers, the room was literally buzzing with energy by the time we finished. Paul had everyone rearrange the room to make it more comfortable for training and invited everyone to share their experiences in the session via a Twitter back channel with the hashtag #ala12soclearn. I was so involved I didn’t take session notes and am relying on the Twitter conversation found at Below are selected tweets that summarize the session content well:
  • Jamie Hollier ‏@ValentineLuLu: Your presentation style should be informed by the level of expertise of the audience
  •  Stacy Schrank ‏@librarytrainer: Telling, sharing, inquiring, experiencing, and creating - how to increase audience engagement
  •  Karen Heskett ‏@heskettk: As knowledge of attendees increases you need to increase the participation in the room
  •  Stacy Schrank ‏@librarytrainer: A learning session with great storytellers can make the whole experience very emotional
  •  Karen Heskett ‏@heskettk: When using a "tell" format, it can help to use a short video to gain attention or help explain a point
  •  Jamie Hollier ‏@ValentineLuLu: Use stories in your presentations, but tie to learning objectives, cause when u use story that is what ppl remember
  •  Karen Heskett ‏@heskettk: "inquiry" format is to facilitate a conversation, to stimulate discussion, to stimulate exploring & discovery by the learner
  •  Stacy Schrank ‏@librarytrainer: Engage the learners imagination and let them discover all the wonderful things they can learn!
  •  Marianne Lenox ‏@MLx: soclearn despite some studies learners believe they have a certain learning style. As trainers, have to respect that.
  •  Jamie Hollier ‏@ValentineLuLu: Framework elements for presenters and trainers: tell, share, inquire, experience, create
  •  Stacy Schrank ‏@librarytrainer: What are the elephants in the room when conducting a training? We are currently addressing the 'couch' in the room!
  •  Crystal Schimpf ‏@NoCoLibrarian: 5 levels of engagement: tell, share, inquire, experience, create - from@CSLSharon
  •  Crystal Schimpf ‏@NoCoLibrarian: Lots of overlap in the five levels of engagement. Where does experience end and create begin?
  •  Julie Zamostny ‏@jzamostny: It's helpful to use activities as transitions in between tell/share/inquire/experience/create
  • Paul Signorelli ‏@trainersleaders: "Ignite, Interact, & Engage" summary: Peer-sharing engaged learners and produces effective learning experiences
  • Stacy Schrank ‏@librarytrainer: Ask your audience to do something within the first five minutes of the session - Get them moving!
  • Crystal Schimpf ‏@NoCoLibrarian: Technology is the tool of learning, NOT the center of it - from@trainersleaders
  •  Jamie Hollier ‏@ValentineLuLu: Multi-tasking is a myth: if you want a back channel build in some space for that activity within your presentation.
  •  Stacy Schrank ‏@librarytrainer: Following a training 15% try it; 15% try and don't find it affective; and 70% don't do anything! Where do you fit in?
  •  Stacy Schrank ‏@librarytrainer: The Backchannel, Presentation Zen & Made to Stick are great resources to enhance presentations & learning sessions 
Paul’s blog post about the session found at captures the session much better than I could.

The session was incredibly invigorating. We were asked how we would apply what they had learned, everyone stood up , and with fists raised, chanted…



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